Brochure FAQs

Original vs. Copies
We sell original boat brochures which are already in our personal collection. These brochures are offered as ORIGINAL and marked such, refer to the condition page for further details on condition ratings. [Link to condition chart]. We make copies [color where color] of brochures in our personal collection and these are marked as COPY within our online store. All copies are made on 28lb bright white smooth finish laser paper.

Original Condition
We utilize the following chart for determining the condition of original brochures. We don't sell original brochures below a C4 rating.

Condition Rating Condition Description
C10 Mint condition. Brand new. No wear.
C9 Excellent condition. Dealership stamp. No wear.
C8 Excellent condition. Light wear on corners, binding and/or cover. Dealership stamp.
C7 Good condition. Light wear on corners; binding; and/or cover. Some fading. Small tears on page. Small folds. Dealership stamp.
C6 Good condition. Medium wear. Some fading. Small tears on page[s]. Small writing. Small folds. Dealership stamp.
C5 Fair condition. Medium wear. Medium folds. Medium writing. Tear in page[s]. Stains. Dealership stamp.
C4 Fair condition. Medium wear. Medium folds. Fading. Light writing. Tear in page[s] Small stain. Dealership stamp.
C3 Poor condition. Heavy wear. Large folds. Heavy writing. Tears n page[s]. Page missing. Stains. Dealership stamp.
C2 Poor Condition. Heavy wear. Large Folds. Heavy writing. Tears in page[s]. Page[s] missing. Heavy stains. Dealership stamp
C1 Very poor condition. Document nearly destroyed.

Blue Prints
Some boat models have blueprints available; when ordering make sure to select the appropriate option to meet your need.
 - Paper: Copies are made on standard 20lb bond
 - Shipping: When less then 6 blueprints are ordered copies are folded for shipping.

Line Drawings
Some boat models have line drawings offered of the sailplan, interior and deck layout. Please inquire about availability.