Glastron 2003 Brochure

$ 28.75

Original Manufacturer / Promotional Brochure

Date: 2003
Pages: 40 in Color
Size: 8.5 x 11 opens to 8.5 x 22
Condition: C8
Condition Details: Dealer sticker and tear on back cover
Brochure Covers: Glastron SX170, SX170 Ski, SX175, SX175 Ski, SX195, SX200 Deck, SX205 Deck, GX180, GX180 Ski, GX185, GX185 Ski, GX205, GX205 Ski, GX225, DX210 Deck, DX215 Deck, DX235 Deck, GS209, GS229, GS249 & GS279

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